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Business activities in the market economy, integration with the world economy, businesses need trusted advisors. Understanding business customers as well as sectors that are operating businesses, enable us to help businesses identify risks, avoid risks and seize opportunities for more efficient business.

The process of our audit is always associated with the timely support to solve the problems related to accounting, tax and business consulting for complete internal control system, complete accounting organization, the financial management of the enterprise. In many cases, we also help enterprises protect legitimate interests, their legitimacy .

Services Our audit included:
• Audit of the annual financial report.
• Audit of the project activity
• Compliance audit.
• To revise the information on the financial statements.
• Check financial information on the basis of previous agreements.


Audit reports on the settlement of investment capital and value audit settlement construction is one of the strengths of ATAX services.

The service is made on the basis of compliance with the current regulations of the State Investment Management for Construction in the type of capital investment projects with foreign investment in the country, respect existing properties, rational and markets.

Audit reports are the basis for units completed step procedures and approve the settlement of investment capital, approved the settlement value of the underlying investment and construction completed. At the same time the results of the above services units also provide information and documents, reliable data in the selection of investment partners, with the purpose of evidencing the mortgage, transfer equitization, dissolution, bankruptcy under the Law on Enterprises.

Investors rely entirely on the results of the audit reports on the settlement of investment capital/construction projects completed by our audit.


Lot A92 30 Thang 4 Street, Danang City

0236. 3 639 639

0236. 3 639 639


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